SJR Legacy Designs

When I was a child, for a time, I lived with my mother, grandparents, and great grandmother. Back then, I had no idea how fortunate it was to live with four generations in the same home. Now that I am older, with children of my own, I appreciate that time more than I ever have.

My family is filled with creatives. My mother (Susan), grandmother (Jeanne), and great grandmother (Rose) were all artists in their own way. They, and many others in my family, have inspired and influenced me.

There was a time when I would write and draw non-stop; as the pressures of adult life took over that happened less and less. For a few years now I have suffered an artistic block. Now that only my mother and my generation remain, I want to makes sure our family's creative legacy carries on. This desire has ignited a new passion to create in me.

From my great grandmother, I learned the impact of creating things that outlive me by designing them well. I, and many members of my family, have pieces she created that we treasure. From my grandmother, I learned to appreciate the beauty of nature, they joy of gardening, and the value of creating sustainably. From my mother, I learned to appreciate aesthetic value, the importance of revision, but also the liberation of drawing freely, and how to foster the confidence to do-it-myself.

SJR Legacy Designs brings together the creativity and artistry of generations to create unique handmade gifts and unique designs from my heart.


Samantha Harris is a stay at home working mom of two amazing young leaders, but Samantha Rodriguez is an artist and creative. After getting married and having children, my personality really did seem to split for awhile. I hung up my dreams of making art, starting my own business, and living freely for a more responsible and structured life. I made it work, but I wasn't happy.

Now that my sons are older and don't need quite as much as my time and attention as they used to, I'm ready to focus on myself again. I want to lead by example and show my kids their interests and self-growth matter. I want them to know that it doesn't matter if you're the best at what you do, as long as it makes you happy and you work hard to improve your own personal best each day.

When I sign "Samantha Rodriguez" on a piece that is me channeling my dreams and reminding myself of who I really am and who I've always wanted to be.

Yes, I am a mermaid. At this time, I am a complete amateur and just mermaid for fun. However, I am part of the amazing Pod run by the makers of my tail, Finfolk Productions. So, if you are looking for a professional mermaid to hire for your event and need some help finding one, I'd be happy to connect you to the right people. I am also happy to answer any questions you may have about being a mermaid, so feel free to contact me!

How did I become a mermaid?

The magical story is that I was born this way and that mermaids walk among regular humans every day! We could be your gym teacher, the cashier at your grocery store, or even your best friend (dun dun dunnnn!).

The less than magical story was that as I was reaching my 30th year on Earth I began to feel like I was living a less than magical life. This is really when I started brainstorming how I can reconnect with the more colorful parts of myself. I have always loved mermaids. The Little Mermaid was my favorite movie as a child. I remember watching it on repeat almost religiously. I have also always had a deep connect to water and the ocean. I feel most at peace when I'm at the beach or near a body of water. Nothing eases the stress of a difficult day better than a bath or shower.

From a spiritual perspective, I have always viewed water as the purest physical form of our Creator. I also have a deep spiritual connection to the Mother Goddess, Yemaya who is often depicted as a mermaid. Her call to me is very strong.

With all these things combined, how could I not be a mermaid?

Where did I get my tail?

My tail is made by Finfolk Productions. It is a first edition Shoal Green. It cost about $500 when I bought it. It is made of neoprene (scuba suit fabric) and requires a monofin to swim in. If you're interested in getting a mermaid tail, I would recommend getting a monofin first and learning to swim with it. It will make your experience much easier.